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Objective Question on General

  • Q.1 Grand Central Terminal, Park Avenue, New York is the world's-

    1)largest railway station

    2) highest railway station

    3) longest railway station

    4) None of the above

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  • Q.2 Eritrea, which became the 182nd member of the UN in 1993, is in the continent of-


    2) Europe

    3) Asia

    4) Australia

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  • Q.3 Hitler party which came into power in 1933 is known as-

    1)Labour Party

    2) Nazi Party

    3) Ku-Klux-Klan

    4) Democratic Party

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  • Q.4 Entomology is the science that studies-

    1)Behavior of human beings

    2) The origin and history of technical and scientific terms

    3) Insects

    4) The formation of rocks

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  • Q.5 For which of the following disciplines is Nobel Prize awarded?

    1)Physics and Chemistry

    2) Physiology or Medicine

    3) Literature, Peace and Economics

    4) All of the above

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  • Q.6 Garampani sanctuary is located at-

    1)Junagarh, Gujarat

    2) Kohima, Nagaland

    3) Diphu, Assam

    4) Gangtok, Sikkim

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  • Q.7 ICAO stands for-

    1)Indian Corporation of Agriculture Organization

    2) International Civil Aviation Organization

    3) Institute of Company of Accounts Organization

    4) None of the above

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  • Q.8 In which year of First World War Germany declared war on Russia and France?


    2) 1915

    3) 1916

    4) 1917

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  • Q.9 India has largest deposits of ____ in the world.


    2) copper

    3) mica

    4) None of the above

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  • Q.10 India's first Technicolor film ____ in the early 1950s was produced by ____

    1)'Jhansi Ki Rani', Sohrab Modi

    2) 'Jhansi Ki Rani', Sir Syed Ahmed

    3) 'Mirza Ghalib', Sohrab Modi

    4) 'Mirza Ghalib', Munshi Premchand

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  • Q.11 How many Lok Sabha seats belong to Rajasthan?


    2) 25

    3) 26

    4) 27

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  • Q.12 Kiran Bedi received Magsaysay Award for government service in


    2) 1994

    3) 1993

    4) 1992

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  • Q.13 Logarithm tables were invented by-

    1)John Doe

    2) John Harrison

    3) John Douglas

    4) John Napier

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  • Q.14 With which sport is the Jules Rimet trophy associated?


    2) Hockey

    3) Football

    4) Golf

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  • Q.15 Joule is the unit of-


    2) energy

    3) heat

    4) pressure

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  • Q.16 Kemal Ataturk was-

    1)revolutionary leader of Soviet Union

    2) the first President of Independent Kenya

    3) the founder of modern Turkey

    4) None of the above

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  • Q.17 Milkha Singh Stood ____ in 1960 Olympics, in Athletics.

    1)second in 400m final

    2) seventh in 800m final

    3) eighth in 50km walk

    4) fourth in 400m final

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  • Q.18 Philology is the-

    1)study of bones

    2) study of muscles

    3) study of architecture

    4) science of languages

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  • Q.19 Squadron leader Rakesh Sharma was India's first man to go into space. He was ____ cosmonaut to be in space in the world.


    2) 107th

    3) 151st

    4) 12th

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  • Q.20 The 2006 World Cup Football Tournament held in-


    2) China

    3) Germany

    4) Brazil

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  • Q.21 Satellite launching station is located at

    1)Sriharikotta (Andhra Pradesh)

    2) Solapur (Maharashtra)

    3) Salem (Tamilnadu)

    4) Warangal (Andhra Pradesh)

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  • Q.22 Republican party is

    1)One of the important parties in USA

    2) the political parties which has no definite principles

    3) the political party which changes with the change in the times and circumstances in the country

    4) All of the above

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  • Q.23 The 'Black flag' signifies


    2) protest

    3) peace

    4) truce

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  • Q.24 World's busiest airports by passenger traffic is

    1)Lhasa Airport, Tibet

    2) Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, USA

    3) King Abdul Aziz International Airport, Saudi Arabia

    4) Chicago O' Hare International Airport, USA

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  • Q.25 The chief purpose of crop rotation is to check the loss of top soil

    1)by water erosion

    2) by wind erosion

    3) of its mineral content

    4) by weathering

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  • Q.26 The Enron project is a

    1)hydro-electric project

    2) thermal power project

    3) atomic power project

    4) gas-fired power project

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  • Q.27 The first development flight of SLV-3 took place on

    1)April 17, 1983

    2) December 21, 1999

    3) May 31, 1981

    4) December 28, 1995

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  • Q.28 The countries that had maintained research stations in Antarctica under Antarctic Trade are

    1)Argentina, Australia, Belgium and South Africa

    2) Chili, France and Japan

    3) New Zealand, Norway, the former USSR, the UK and the USA

    4) All of the above

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  • Q.29 The chief constituent of gobar gas is


    2) methane

    3) hydrogen

    4) carbon dioxide

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  • Q.30 The main objectives of the UN are

    1)to maintain peace and security in the world

    2) to work together to remove poverty, disease and illiteracy and encourage respect for each other's rights of basic freedom.

    3) to develop friendly relations among nations

    4) All of the above

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  • Q.31 The industrial organization of Atomic Minerals Division, Heavy Water Board (HWB) is located at


    2) Hyderabad

    3) Kolkata

    4) Jadugude

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  • Q.32 The headquarter of OAU (Organization of African Unity) are at

    1)Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

    2) Washington DC

    3) Paris

    4) Jakarta, Indonesia

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  • Q.33 The headquarter of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) are situated at


    2) Vienna

    3) Rome

    4) Paris

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  • Q.34 The Indian Air Force celebrated its Golden Jubilee in


    2) 1962

    3) 1982

    4) 1992

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  • Q.35 The headquarter of ESCAP Economic and Social Commission for Asia are situated at


    2) Baghdad

    3) Geneva

    4) Santiago

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  • Q.36 The Olympic Flame, was, for the first time, ceremonially lighted and burnt in a giant torch at the entrance of the stadium at

    1)Athens Games (1896)

    2) London Games (1908)

    3) Paris Games (1924)

    4) Amsterdam Games (1928)

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  • Q.37 The Olympic Flame symbolises

    1)unity among various nations of the world

    2) sports as a means for securing harmony among nations

    3) continuity between the ancient and modern games

    4) speed, perfection and strength

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  • Q.38 The reaction which converts sugar solution into alcohol is an example of


    2) fermentation

    3) hydrogenation

    4) hydrolysis

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  • Q.39 The Scottish bacteriologist who discovered penicillin was

    1)Alexander Fleming

    2) Archimeder

    3) Albert Einstein

    4) Aryabhatta

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  • Q.40 The number of already named bones in the human skeleton is


    2) 206

    3) 205

    4) 203

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  • Q.41 The purpose of United Nations Fund for Population Activities (UNFPA) is

    1)Studying Population Dynamics

    2) Collecting Population Data

    3) Evolving Population Policies, Family Planning And Related Programmes

    4) All Of The Above

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  • Q.42 UN General Assembly elects a President and how many Vice Presidents at the start of its each regular session?


    2) Fifteen

    3) Twenty one

    4) Two

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  • Q.43 The treaty which ushered in NATO, was signed by the member nations at


    2) London

    3) Paris

    4) Washington

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  • Q.44 The unit of current is


    2) Watt

    3) Ampere

    4) None of the Above

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  • Q.45 Thomas Cup is associated with


    2) Billiards

    3) Tennis

    4) Table Tennis

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  • Q.46 Theory of Idealism was expounded by George Hegal, Bishop George and Berkeley According to this

    1)Mathli Is an Illusion and That the Only Reality That Which Exists Mentally

    2) Good Was Pleasure and That Evil Was Pain

    3) Base of Knowledge is Sense-Experience, That Is, Observations Governed by Scientific Principles

    4) All Knowledge is Derived From Sensory Experience, By Observing and Experimenting

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  • Q.47 To which country does the present UN Secretary-General belongs?


    2) South Korea

    3) Spain

    4) Sweden

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  • Q.48 When light passes from air into glass it experiences change of

    1)Frequency And Wavelength

    2) Frequency And Speed

    3) Wavelength And Speed

    4) Frequency, Wavelength And Speed

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  • Q.49 When is the World's Diabetes Day?

    1)14th November

    2) 11th December

    3) 15th October

    4) 1st July

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  • Q.50 When did Margaret Thatcher became the first women Prime Minister of Britain?


    2) 1989

    3) 1979

    4) 1800

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  • Q.51 When is the International Workers' Day?


    2) 1-May

    3) 1-Aug

    4) 1-Dec

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  • Q.52 What is the population density of Madhya Pradesh?

    1)230/sq. km

    2) 202/sq. km

    3) 212/sq. km

    4) 96/sq. km

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  • Q.53 When a moving bus stops suddenly, the passenger are pushed forward because of the

    1)friction between the earth and the bus

    2) friction between the passengers and the earth

    3) inertia of the passengers

    4) inertia of the bus

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  • Q.54 Where is the permanent secretariat of the SAARC?


    2) New Delhi

    3) Islamabad

    4) Colombo

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  • Q.55 Which company manufacturers low and high power communication equipment like radius for the use of defence services and paramilitary organisations?

    1)Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL)

    2) God Shipyard Limited (GSL)

    3) Bharat Dynamic Limited (BDL)

    4) None of the above

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  • Q.56 Where is the Judicature of Orissa?


    2) Cuttack

    3) Both

    4) None of the above

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  • Q.57 Which of the following are the members of SAARC

    1)Bhutan, Bangladesh, India and Pakistan

    2) Bhutan, Bangladesh, the Maldives, Nepal, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka

    3) Afghanistan, Pakistan, Thailand, Indonesia, Nepal and Sri Lanka

    4) None of the above

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  • Q.58 Where is the permanent secretariat of the SAARC?

    1)New Delhi

    2) Islamabad

    3) Colombo

    4) Kathmandu

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  • Q.59 FFC stands for

    1)Foreign Finance Corporation

    2) Film Finance Corporation

    3) Federation of Football Council

    4) None of the above

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  • Q.60 Habeas Corpus Act 1679

    1)states that no one was to be imprisoned without a writ or warrant stating the charge against him

    2) provided facilities to a prisoner to obtain either speedy trial or release in bail

    3) safeguarded the personal liberties of the people against arbitrary imprisonment by the king's orders

    4) All of the above

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  • Q.61 Fastest shorthand writer was

    1)Dr. G. D. Bist

    2) J.R.D. Tata

    3) J.M. Tagore

    4) Khudada Khan

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  • Q.62 Galileo was an Italian astronomer who

    1)developed the telescope

    2) discovered four satellites of Jupiter

    3) discovered that the movement of pendulum produces a regular time measurement

    4) All of the above

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  • Q.63 First human heart transplant operation conducted by Dr. Christiaan Barnard on Louis Washkansky, was conducted in


    2) 1958

    3) 1967

    4) 1957

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  • Q.64 Epsom (England) is the place associated with

    1)Horse racing

    2) Polo

    3) Shooting

    4) Snooker

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  • Q.65 India's first satellite is named after


    2) Aryabhatta

    3) Bhaskara

    4) Dronacharya

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  • Q.66 In which of the following years, the membership of the Security Council was increased from 11 to 15 (under Article 23)?


    2) 1970

    3) 1965

    4) 1975

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  • Q.67 India's first atomic reactor was


    2) Dhurva

    3) Apsara

    4) Kamini

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  • Q.68 In which year, terrorists crash two planes into New York's World Trade Centre on September 11 in a sequence of destruction?


    2) 2002

    3) 2003

    4) 2001

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  • Q.69 India's first ocean wave's energy project was launched in


    2) 1991

    3) 2001

    4) 2011

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  • Q.70 Ms. Medha Patkar is associated with the

    1)Sardar Sarovar project

    2) Tehri project

    3) Enron project

    4) Dabhol project

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  • Q.71 Kathakali, Mohiniatam and Ottamthullal are the famous dances of


    2) Karnataka

    3) Orissa

    4) Tamil Nadu

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  • Q.72 Jaspal Rana is associated with which of the following games?


    2) Archery

    3) Shooting

    4) Weightlifting

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  • Q.73 Nowadays many novel chemicals are being synthesized termed as xenobiotics. The unique feature of these is what they are- 1. biodegradable 2. non- biodegradable 3. pose on environmental threat 4. they are environment friendly


    2) 2,3

    3) 1,3,4

    4) 2,3,4

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  • Q.74 Lala Lajpat Rai is also known as


    2) Punjab Kesari

    3) both (a) and (b)

    4) None

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  • Q.75 Modern football is said to have evolved from


    2) France

    3) Spain

    4) England

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  • Q.76 Study of life in outer space is known as


    2) exobiology

    3) enterbiology

    4) neobiology

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  • Q.77 Soil acidity is generally corrected by

    1)proper irrigation

    2) adding sodium hydroxide

    3) liming

    4) application of fertilizers

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  • Q.78 School of Aviation Medicine (Air Force) is located at


    2) Allahabad

    3) Banaras

    4) Bangalore

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  • Q.79 Pythagoras was first to ____ the universal validity of geometrical theorem.


    2) give

    3) both (a) and (b)

    4) None

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  • Q.80 Recession is

    1)slowing down of economic activity over a limited period

    2) period during which unemployment may rise and demand and output may fall, leading to slump in trade

    3) period that results from accumulation of unsold goods, owing to fall in demand

    4) All of the above

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  • Q.81 Sir Thomas Fearnley Cup is awarded to

    1)a club or a local sport association for remarkable achievements

    2) amateur athlete, not necessarily an Olympian

    3) National Olympic Committee for outstanding work

    4) None of the above

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  • Q.82 The first meeting of the UN General Assembly was held in which of the following cities?

    1)San Francisco

    2) New York

    3) London

    4) Teheran

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  • Q.83 The first meeting of the SAARC was opened in

    1)Bangalore, India

    2) Dhaka, Bangladesh

    3) Kathmandu, Nepal

    4) Islamabad, Pakistan

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  • Q.84 The first rice straw power plant has been set up at


    2) Trombay, Maharashtra

    3) Jalkheri, Punjab

    4) Jaipur, Rajasthan

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  • Q.85 The first Afro-Asian Games were held in


    2) Cairo

    3) Maharashtra

    4) Hyderabad

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  • Q.86 The founder member of EFTA are

    1)Austria, Denmark, Norway

    2) Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland

    3) UK, Austria, Sweden

    4) All of the above

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  • Q.87 The first historical mention of the holding of the ancient Olympic Games occurred about

    1)2000 years ago

    2) 2250 years ago

    3) 2500 years ago

    4) 2775 years ago

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  • Q.88 The main crop of Meghalaya is


    2) sugarcane

    3) rice

    4) wheat

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  • Q.89 The major minerals found in Uttar Pradesh are

    1)rock phosphate and dolomite

    2) limestone and dolomite

    3) copper and graphite

    4) graphite & dolomite

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  • Q.90 The member of SEATO are-

    1)Australia, France, New Zealand

    2) Philippines, Thailand

    3) UK and USA

    4) All of the above

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  • Q.91 The highest national award in India given for exceptional work for advancement of art, literature and science

    1)Bharat Ratna

    2) Padma Awards

    3) Gallantry Awards

    4) All of the above

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  • Q.92 The main reserves of phosphorus in the biosphere is in the


    2) atmosphere

    3) lithosphere

    4) troposphere

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  • Q.93 The Loktak lake facing environmental problems is situated in


    2) Assam

    3) Kerala

    4) Manipur

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  • Q.94 The National Sports Festival for women was, for the first time, organized in


    2) 1975

    3) 1980

    4) 1985

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  • Q.95 The site of the third oldest civilisation after the Sumerian and Egyption, Mohenjo-daro, was Built in

    1)2500 BC

    2) 2100 BC

    3) 2300 BC

    4) 2200 BC

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  • Q.96 The official working languages recognised by the UNO are

    1)Chinese and English

    2) French and Russian

    3) Spanish and Arabic

    4) All of the above

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  • Q.97 The SLV-3 project provided India with the expertise to lop a larger and more sophisticated launch vehicle


    2) ASLV

    3) GSLV

    4) None

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  • Q.98 The ozone layer restricts

    1)visible light

    2) infrared radiation

    3) x-rays and gamma rays

    4) ultraviolet radiation

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  • Q.99 The Secretary-General is required to submit an annual report on the work of the UN to

    1)the General Assembly

    2) the Security Council

    3) the Trusteeship Council

    4) all of the above

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  • Q.100 Vitamin B12 is most useful for combating


    2) goitre

    3) night blindness

    4) rickets

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  • Q.101 The term which denotes that each side has made equal point at game point, in Tennis, is referred to as


    2) deuce

    3) fault

    4) grand slam

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  • Q.102 The transport fleet of Air Force consists of


    2) Boeing-731

    3) AN-352

    4) All of the above

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  • Q.103 The term butterfly is associated with


    2) boxing

    3) swimming

    4) cricket

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  • Q.104 The telescope is used for viewing

    1)distant objects

    2) near objects

    3) small objects

    4) living cells

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  • Q.105 To prevent loss of weight plants reduce transpiration by

    1)shedding of leaves

    2) reducing the size of leaves

    3) developing hair around stomata

    4) All of the above

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  • Q.106 What is the literacy rate of Himachal Pradesh?

    1)92.80 percent

    2) 89.80 percent

    3) 82.80 percent

    4) 75.93 percent

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  • Q.107 When the batsman, in cricket, is out without scoring a single run, is called


    2) duck

    3) short leg

    4) drive

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  • Q.108 What is the literacy rate of Maharshtra?

    1)82.34 percent

    2) 83.34 percent

    3) 84.34 percent

    4) 86.34 percent

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  • Q.109 What is the literacy rate of Rajasthan?

    1)66.11 percent

    2) 60.41 percent

    3) 59.02 percent

    4) 52.12 percent

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  • Q.110 When does Russia celebrates its Independence Day?

    1)9th August

    2) 8th October

    3) 14th November

    4) 12th June

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  • Q.111 Which is the oldest paramilitary force in the country?

    1)Border Security Force

    2) Assam Rifles

    3) Indo-Tibetan Border Police

    4) Coast Guard

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  • Q.112 When was Mahatma Gandhi assassinated?


    2) 1951

    3) 1958

    4) 1971

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  • Q.113 Which Academy promotes and develops literature in all the 22 languages of India?

    1)Sangeet Natak Academy

    2) Lalit Kala Academy

    3) Sahitya Academy

    4) None of the above

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  • Q.114 When was pottery developed in the Indus Valley?

    1)5000 BC

    2) 6000 BC

    3) 2600 BC

    4) 3500 BC

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  • Q.115 Which is the India's largest and the oldest museum?

    1)Indian Museum, Kolkata

    2) National Museum, New Delhi

    3) Allahabad Museum

    4) Salar Jung Museum, Hyderabad

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  • Q.116 Exposure to sunlight helps a person improve his health because

    1)The infrared light kills bacteria in the body

    2) resistance power increases

    3) the pigment cells in the skin get stimulated and produce a healthy tan

    4) the ultraviolet rays convert skin oil into Vitamin D

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  • Q.117 Golf player Vijay Singh belongs to which country?


    2) Fiji

    3) India

    4) UK

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  • Q.118 Guarantee to an exporter that the importer of his goods will pay immediately for the goods ordered by him, is known as

    1)Letter of Credit

    2) Laissezfaire

    3) Inflation

    4) None of the Above

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  • Q.119 First China War was fought between

    1)China and France

    2) China and Egypt

    3) China and Britain

    4) China and India

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  • Q.120 First Afghan War took place in


    2) 1843

    3) 1833

    4) 1839

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  • Q.121 India's tallest stone statue of the Jain sage Gomateswara is at

    1)Mysore, Karnakata

    2) New Delhi

    3) Sravanabelagola, Karnataka

    4) Mandu, Madhya Pradesh

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  • Q.122 In 1945, fifty nations met to phrase the basic charter for a world organization which would "save succeeding generations from the scourge of war". This conference took place at

    1)San Francisco

    2) Yalta

    3) London

    4) Dumbarton Oaks

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  • Q.123 In a normal human body, the total number of red blood cells is

    1)15 trillion

    2) 30 trillion

    3) 20 trillion

    4) 40 trillion

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  • Q.124 In which season do we need more fat?

    1)Rainy season

    2) Spring

    3) Winter

    4) Summer

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  • Q.125 INS Venduruthy is located at


    2) Jamnagar

    3) Mumbai

    4) Kochi

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  • Q.126 Lance Armstrong, a sportsperson of international repute, belongs to which of the following countries?


    2) Ukraine

    3) Spain

    4) Brazil

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  • Q.127 Modern Indo-Aryan languages are based on an ancient language called


    2) Sanskrit

    3) Kannada

    4) Tamil

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  • Q.128 Lakshmibai National College of Physical Education is located at


    2) Bhopal

    3) Patiala

    4) Karnal

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  • Q.129 Kathak, Nauntanki, Jhora and Kajri are the important dances of


    2) Jharkhand

    3) Chhattisgarh

    4) Uttar Pradesh

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  • Q.130 Malfunctioning of which of the following organs causes jaundice?


    2) Pancreas

    3) Liver

    4) Kidney

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  • Q.131 Philology is the:

    1)Science of Languages

    2) Study of Architecture

    3) Study of Bones

    4) Study of Muscles

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  • Q.132 The 2018 World Cup Football Tournament held in:


    2) Brazil

    3) Russia

    4) Germany

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  • Q.133 Study of life in outer space is known as:


    2) Enterbiology

    3) Neobiology

    4) Exobiology

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  • Q.134 Soil acidity is generally corrected by:

    1)Proper Irrigation

    2) Adding Sodium Hydroxide

    3) Liming

    4) Application Of Fertilizers

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  • Q.135 Pythagoras was first to ____ the universal validity of geometrical theorem.


    2) Prove

    3) A & B Both

    4) None

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  • Q.136 What among the following Recession is

    1)Period That Results From Accumulation Of Unsold Goods, Owing To Fall In Demand

    2) Period During Which Unemployment May Rise And Demand And Output May Fall, Leading To Slump In Trade

    3) Slowing Down Of Economic Activity Over A Limited Period

    4) All Of The Above

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  • Q.137 School of Aviation Medicine (Air Force) is located at:


    2) Bangalore

    3) Hyderabad

    4) Amritsar

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  • Q.138 Rana Pratap Sagar in Rajasthan is famous for:

    1)Hydropower Generation

    2) Brassware

    3) Aluminum Industry

    4) Sports Goods

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  • Q.139 Rohinton Baria Trophy is associated with:


    2) Volleyball

    3) Cricket

    4) Athletics

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  • Q.140 Primary rainbow is formed when light suffers

    1)Two Internal Refractions Before Emerging Out Of The Drop

    2) No Internal Refraction

    3) Either One Or Two Internal Refractions Before Emerging Out Of The Drop

    4) One Internal Refractions Before Emerging Out Of The Drop

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  • Q.141 Pakistan rejoined the Commonwealth as 49th┬ámember in which year?


    2) 1987

    3) 1991

    4) 1997

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  • Q.142 Rare Earth factory is situated in:

    1)Aluva (Kerala)

    2) Ambernath (Maharashtra)

    3) Allepey (Kerala)

    4) Avadi (Tamil Nadu)

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  • Q.143 Reproductive cells in human beings are produced:

    1)For A Longer Period In The Female Than In Male

    2) In Greater Numbers For A Longer Period Of Time In The Male

    3) In Equal Number In Both Male & Female

    4) In Greater Numbers By The Female Than By The Male

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  • Q.144 Super conductivity is a phenomenon in which the resistance of a substance:

    1)Increases With Temperature

    2) Does Not Change With Temperature

    3) Decreases With Temperature

    4) Becomes Zero At Very Low Temperature

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  • Q.145 Penicillin was invented by:

    1)Gregory Mendal

    2) Dr Jonas E. Salk

    3) A. Fleming

    4) Paul Ehrlich

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  • Q.146 Study of earthquakes is known as:


    2) Ecology

    3) Numismatics

    4) Cosmetology

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  • Q.147 Oscar Awards were instituted in which year?


    2) 1929

    3) 1939

    4) 1949

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  • Q.148 Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Service is an International Airline of Which Country?


    2) England

    3) Germany

    4) Australia

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  • Q.149 Taoism is followed in

    1)Japan, China, Hongkong

    2) England, America, Argentina

    3) China, Taiwan, Nauru, Brunei, Singapore and Vietnam

    4) All over the World

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  • Q.150 Lata Mangeshkar received Bharath Ratna in which of the following Years?


    2) 2001

    3) 2002

    4) 2003

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  • Q.151 Sheikh Mujibur Rahman is a Well Known Freedom Fighter of -


    2) Bangladesh

    3) Pakistan

    4) Afghanistan

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  • Q.152 The 'Red Triangle' symbol denotes -

    1)Culture and Civilization

    2) Air India

    3) Family Planning

    4) All of the above

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  • Q.153 Penicillin is widely used as -

    1)An Antiseptic

    2) An Antibiotic

    3) A Disinfectant

    4) An Insecticide

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  • Q.154 Prince Charles and Princess Diana of Britain announce their separation in -


    2) 1997

    3) 1991

    4) 1996

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  • Q.155 Sonia Nazario of "Los Angeles Times" was awarded Pulitzer Prize in 2003 for -

    1)Editorial Writing

    2) Music

    3) Feature Writing

    4) Documentary

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  • Q.156 Shares with a fixed rate of dividend that entitle their holders to priority payment over those who hold ordinary shares of a company are called -

    1)Preference Shares

    2) Bull

    3) Bear

    4) Shareholder

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  • Q.157 Photophobia is -

    1)A disease cause by too much sunlight

    2) The adjustment of the eye for light

    3) The ability to perceive light

    4) Abnormal intolerance of light

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  • Q.158 Socrates was the wisest man of the ancient world and developed the method of enquiry and instruction, belonged to -


    2) China

    3) Athens

    4) Greece

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  • Q.159 Satyajit Ray received Magsaysay Award for journalism, literature and creative communication arts in -


    2) 1963

    3) 1965

    4) 1967

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  • Q.160 Richter scale is used for measuring -

    1)Density of liquid

    2) Intensity of earthquakes

    3) Velocity of wind

    4) Humidity of air

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  • Q.161 P.T. Usha, who came close to bagging a bronze finished fourth in which event in 1984 Olympics?

    1)400 m final

    2) 400 m hurdle

    3) 100 m sprint

    4) 800 m final

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  • Q.162 Oscar Awards are conferred annually by -

    1)Academy of Motion Pictures, arts and sciences, USA

    2) Government of United States

    3) Hollywood Foreign Press Association

    4) None of the above

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  • Q.163 Shankracharya was the founder of -


    2) Arya Samaj

    3) Advaitic Philosophy

    4) Jainism

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  • Q.164 Robert Koch worked on -


    2) Diabetes

    3) Malaria

    4) Cholera

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  • Q.165 Palaeontology is a branch of science that deals with the -

    1)Origin and growth of plants

    2) The forms of life as revealed by fossils of animals or plants

    3) Formation of new stars

    4) Behaviour of animals

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  • Q.166 Pressure cooker cooks rice faster because

    1)It always lets the steam escape

    2) It does not let the heat energy escape easily

    3) High pressure raises the boiling point of water

    4) High pressure crushes the hard covering of rice grains

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  • Q.167 Raj Kapoor received Dada Saheb Phalke Award in


    2) 1987

    3) 1988

    4) 1989

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  • Q.168 Ornithology is the -

    1)Study of Bones

    2) Study of Smell

    3) Study of Fishes

    4) Study of Birds

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  • Q.169 Sculpture flourished during -

    1)Indus valley civilization

    2) Egyptian civilization

    3) Chinese civilization

    4) None of the above

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  • Q.170 Sir Humphry Davy was a British chemist who -

    1)Discovered the anaesthetic properties of nitrous oxide

    2) Invented the safety lamp for miners

    3) Both (a) and (b)

    4) None of the above

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  • Q.171 Which of the following gases in the Air is highest in percentage ?

    1)Carbon dioxide

    2) Oxygen

    3) Nitrogen

    4) Hydrogen

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  • Q.172 The main purpose of crop rotation is to check the loss of top soil -

    1)Of its mineral content

    2) By wind erosion

    3) By weathering

    4) By water erosion

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  • Q.173 In which city first Afro-Asian Games were held ?

    1)New Delhi

    2) Hyderabad

    3) Kuala Lampur

    4) Sydney

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  • Q.174 Profit made when an asset is sold more than the price at which it was bought is called-


    2) Interest on Capital

    3) Capitalism

    4) Capital Gain

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  • Q.175 The first meeting of SAARC was opened in -

    1)Kathmandu, Nepal

    2) Bangalore, India

    3) Dhaka, Bangladesh

    4) Islamabad, Pakistan

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  • Q.176 Which is the world's busiest airports by passenger traffic ?

    1)Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (USA)

    2) Dubai International Airport (United Arab Emirates)

    3) London's Heathrow Airport (United Kingdom)

    4) Singapore Changi Airport (Singapore)

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  • Q.177 In which year former prime minister of India " Rajeev Gandhi" was assassinated ?


    2) 1971

    3) 1981

    4) 1991

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  • Q.178 The first Asian Games were held in 1951 at -

    1)Manila, Philippines

    2) New Delhi, India

    3) Bangalore, India

    4) Tokyo, Japan

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  • Q.179 Who was the first ever recipient of Bharat Ratna Award ?

    1)C.V. Raman

    2) C. Rajagopalachari

    3) Lal Bahadur Shastri

    4) S. Radhakrishnan

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  • Q.180 In which country the 2018 Commonwealth Games were held in


    2) UK

    3) Australia

    4) Spain

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  • Q.181 What is the chemical name of Vitamin B


    2) Riboflavin

    3) Ascorbic acid

    4) Thiamine

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  • Q.182 The chief constituent of gobar gas is -


    2) Ethane

    3) Methane

    4) Carbon dioxide

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  • Q.183 Who among the following is first actress to have been nominated in Rajya Sabha ?

    1)Nargis Dutt

    2) Munmun Sen

    3) Jayaprada

    4) Hema Malini

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  • Q.184 Where the Central Command of Army is located ?


    2) Udhampur

    3) Pune

    4) Lucknow

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  • Q.185 In which country the 2018 Olympics Games were held ?


    2) South Korea

    3) Japan

    4) India

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  • Q.186 The credit of inventing the television goes to -

    1)John Logie Baird

    2) G. Marconi

    3) Thomas Alva Edison

    4) Micheal Faraday

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  • Q.187 The credit of developing the polio vaccine goes to -

    1)J.L. Baird

    2) Jones Salk

    3) J. Perkins

    4) Alb E. Sabin

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  • Q.188 Who independently discovered Oxygen?

    1)Neils Bohr

    2) James Rutherford

    3) Micheal Faraday

    4) Joseph Priestley

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  • Q.189 In which year the first man-made satellite, Sputnik I was launched ?


    2) 1965

    3) 1957

    4) 1967

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  • Q.190 In which year Oxford University was founded ?

    1)1163 AD

    2) 215 BC

    3) 1173 BC

    4) 215 AD

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