Major Dams in India

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A dam is a barrier that stops water flow or underground streams. Dams not only suppress floods but also provide water for activities such as irrigation, human consumption, industrial use, aquaculture, and navigability. Hydropower is often used in conjunction with dams to generate electricity. A dam can also be used to collect water or for storage of water which can be evenly distributed between locations. Dams generally serve the primary purpose of retaining water.

The list of Major Dams in India is-

S.No. Name of Dam River State
1 Alamatti Dam Krishna River Karnataka
2 Baglihar Dam Chenab River Jammu and Kashmir
3 Bansagar Dam Sone River Madhya Pradesh
4 Bargi Dam Narmada River Madhya Pradesh
5 Barna Dam Barna River Madhya Pradesh
6 Bhakra Nangal Dam Sutlej River Himachal Pradesh & Punjab Border
7 Bhatsa Dam Bhatsa river Maharashtra
8 Chamera Dam Ravi River Himachal Pradesh
9 Chandil Dam Swarnarekha River Jharkhand
10 Dantiwada Dam Banas River Gujarat
11 Dharoi Dam Sabarmati River Gujarat
12 Dhauli Ganga Dam Dhauli Ganga River Uttarakhand
13 Dumkhar Hydroelectric Dam Indus River Jammu and Kashmir
14 Gandhi Sagar Dam Chambal River Madhya Pradesh
15 Gangapur Dam Godavari river Maharashtra
16 Girna Dam Girana river Maharashtra
17 Govind Ballabh Pant Sagar Dam / Rihand dam Rihand River Uttar Pradesh
18 Harangi Dam Harangi River Karnataka
19 Hirakud Dam Mahanadi River Odisha
20 Idukki Dam Periyar River Kerala
21 Indravati Dam Indravati River Odisha
22 Jalaput Dam Machkund River Andhra Pradesh and Odisha Border
23 Jayakwadi Dam Godavari River Maharashtra
24 Kadana dam Mahi River Gujarat
25 Kadra Dam Kalinadi River Karnataka
26 Khadakwasla Dam Mutha River Maharashtra
27 Kodasalli Dam Kali River Karnataka
28 Kolkewadi Dam Vashishti River Maharashtra
29 Koyna Dam Koyna River Maharashtra
30 Krishna Raja Sagara Dam Kaveri River Karnataka
31 Kundala Dam Kundala Lake Kerala
32 Linganamakki dam Sharavathi River Karnataka
33 Lower Manair Dam Manair River Telangana
34 Maithon Dam Barakar River Jharkhand
35 Malampuzha Dam Malampuzha River Kerala
36 Mettur Dam Kaveri River Tamil Nadu
37 Mid Manair Dam Manair River and SRSP Flood Flow Canal Telangana
38 Mula Dam Mula river Maharashtra
39 Mullaperiyar Dam Periyar River Kerala
40 Mulshi Dam Mula River Maharashtra
41 Narayanpur Dam Krishna River Karnataka
42 Nathpa Jhakri Dam Satluj River Himachal Pradesh
43 Neyyar Dam Neyyar River Kerala
44 Nizam Sagar Dam Manjira River Telangana
45 Panchet Dam Damodar River Jharkhand
46 Pandoh Dam Beas River Himachal Pradesh
47 Panshet Dam Ambi River Maharashtra
48 Parambikulam Dam Parambikulam River Kerala
49 Pawna Dam Maval River Maharashtra
50 Peechi Dam Manali River Kerala
51 Perunchani Dam Paralayar River Tamil Nadu
52 Radhanagari Dam Bhogawati River Telangana
53 Rajghat Dam Betwa River Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh Border
54 Singur dam Manjira River Telangana
55 Somasila Dam Pennar River Andhra Pradesh
56 Srisailam Dam Krishna River Andhra Pradesh
57 Supa Dam Kalinadi or Kali river Karnataka
58 Tansa Dam Tansa river Maharashtra
59 Tehri Dam Bhagirathi River Uttarakhand
60 Tunga Bhadra Dam Tungabhadra River Karnataka
61 Ujani Dam Bhima River Maharashtra
62 Ukai Dam Tapti River Gujarat
63 Upper Manair Dam Manair River and Kudlair River Telangana
64 Uri Hydroelectric Dam Jhelum River Jammu and Kashmir
65 Vaigai Dam Vaigai River Tamil Nadu
66 Vaitarna Dam Vaitarna river Maharashtra
67 Walayar Dam Walayar River Kerala
68 Wilson Dam Pravara River Maharashtra
69 Yeldari Dam Purna river Maharashtra
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