Countries Their Capitals & Currencies

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Countries their Capital & Currencies

1.    India, Capital: New Delhi, Currency: Indian Rupee

2.    Pakistan, Capital: Islamabad, Currency: Pakistani Rupee

3.    China, Capital: Beijing, Currency: Chinese Yuan (Renminbi)

4.    Sri Lanka, Capital: Colombo, Currency: Sri Lankan Rupee

5.    Afghanistan, Capital: Kabul, Currency: Afghan Afghani

6.    Australia, Capital: Canberra, Currency: Australian Dollar.

7.    Myanmar, Capital: Naypyidaw, Currency: Burmese Kyat.

8.    United States of America, Capital: Washington, D.C. Currency: Dollar.

9.    South Africa, Capital: It has following three capital cities.
A. Pretoria (Administrative),    B. Cape Town (legislative),    C. Bloemfontein (judicial),
    Currency: South African Rand.
10.    Nepal Capital: Kathmandu Currency: Nepalese Rupee.

11.    The United Arab Emirates, Capital: Abu Dhabi, Currency: United Arab Emirates Dirham.

12.    Mexico, Capital: Mexico City, Currency: Mexican Peso.

13.    Bahrain, Capital: Manama, Currency: Bahraini Dinar.

14.    Peru,Capital: Lima, Currency: Sol.

15.    Luxembourg, Capital: Luxembourg City, Currency: Euro.

16.    Tanzania, Capital: Dodoma, Currency: Tanzanian Shilling.

17.    Israel, Capital: Jerusalem, Currency: Israeli New Shekel.

18.    Russia, Capital: Moscow, Currency: Russian Rubble.

19.    Sweden, Capital: Stockholm, Currency: Swedish Krona.

20.    Saudi Arabia, Capital: Riyadh, Currency: Saudi Riyal.

21.    Maldives, Capital: Male, Currency: Maldivian Rufiyaa

22.    Denmark,Capital: Copenhagen Currency: Danish Krone.

23.    Poland, Capital: Warsaw, Currency: Polish Zloty

24.    Belgium, Capital: City of Brussels, Currency: Euro.

25.    South Korea, Capital: Seoul, Currency: South Korean Won.

26.    Japan, Capital: Tokyo, Currency: Japanese Yen.

27.    Bhutan, Capital: Thimphu, Currency: Ngultrum, Indian Currency also acceptable in Bhutan except 500
and 2000 currency notes.

28.    Turkmenistan, Capital: Ashgabat, Currency: Manat.

29.    Bangladesh, Capital: Dhaka, Currency: Bangladeshi Taka.

30.    Iran, Capital: Tehran, Currency: Iranian Rial.


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